Sex Bomb Incense

Cherry Pit Crafts

$ 3.30 

Embark on a mesmerizing and exotic journey with Sex Bomb Incense! Experience the captivating scent of jasmine combined with the subtle notes of clary sage and ylang ylang. Let this scintillating blend arouse your senses and fill your space with a sensuous aroma!

Available in your choice of 1 inch standard cones, 2 inch backflow cones, 1 inch rounded backflow cones, 2 inch rounded backflow conesĀ  or 11 inch sticks

The backflow cones can be used as traditional standalone cones or in backflow burners where the smoke flows downward.

Rounded backflow cones are 3 times the size of the standard cones allowing them to burn longer.

Each option comes in a package of 10

All of our incense is handcrafted with care using natural ingredients, essential oils, resins and phalate free fragrances.