Passion Melon Incense Cones

Cherry Pit Crafts

$ 3.00 

Passion Melon - This one is a favorite in the house! Everyone LOVES burning this scent! Enjoy the smell of the tropics. The top notes of this mellow scent are the juicy smells of Passion Melon, a cousin to the egg-shaped Passion Fruit. Passion Melon has a lighter scent than its cousin, but shares the same unusual aroma that is similar to a combination of black currants and watermelon. Enhancing the lingering notes of the melon are the sweet smells of ripe fig and the exotic aromas of black berries from a myrtle shrub. This fragrance smells natural, clean, and luscious without the syrupy type of sweetness that sticks to the back of your throat.

Each batch includes 10 one inch highly scented hand dipped incense cones.

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