Chronicles of Narnia Soy Wax Candle

Cherry Pit Crafts

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Step through the wardrobe and breathe in the enchanting fragrance of this Chronicles of Narnia themed candle.

Narnia Woods is a unique blend created to capture the essence of this enchanting forest. This fragrance opens with notes of crisp winter snow sprinkled with spicy cloves, creamy vanilla, cranberries and citrus followed by a floral-green middle and finished with base of earthy patchouli a winter musk and conifer pine tree. Crisp, woodsy, just a hint of sweet. Amazing and strong!

100% soy wax candles burn soot free, and at lower temperatures than paraffin wax. Because of the lower burn degree, 100% soy candles last about 30% longer than paraffin.

Each candle is handcrafted and triple scented using PHALATE FREE fragrances and/or essential oils for the most Eco-friendly, renewable candle possible.

Soy is made from soybeans, an absolutely amazing vegetable! It's grown in the USA by farmers, and then turned into an amazingly creamy wax. Soy wax lasts longer than paraffin wax, and doesn't put soot into your air (and your lungs!). Soy is 100% renewable, sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly