Chocolate Frog Harry Potter Themed Spa Gift Set with Lotion

Cherry Pit Crafts

$ 35.00 

Craving chocolate? Then this chocolate frog scented spa set is just what you've been looking for! Indulge in a hot bath filled with fragrant bath salts. Wash the day away with luscious soapy lather. Moisturize your skin with your choice of lotion. This set has been designed to thrill even the darkest of death eaters. The set includes one bar of glycerin soap, lotion, bath salt, chocolate lip balm and a chocolate candle.

Chocolate Frog "Harry Potter" themed Gift Set

Set includes:
--- 8 oz. Lotion (Goat Milk & Honey or Satin & Silk)
--- 16 oz. Bath Salt
--- 8 oz. Soy Candle
--- 3.75 oz. Soap
--- .15 oz. Tube Lip Balm

Goat Milk & Honey Lotion - This lotion contains Goat’s Milk, Honey and Shea Butter. Goat’s milk is high in protein, triglycerides, Vitamin A, B6, B12 and E making it an excellent natural moisturizer that helps hydrate and nourish skin. Honey is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is high in vitamin C and promotes collagen formation in the skin. Shea Butter is well known in helping moisturize while providing a silky protective barrier to all skin types.

Satin & Silk Lotion - This lotion contains Shea Butter, Aloe, Silk Amino Acids, Sunflower & Coconut Oils. Shea and Aloe are well known in helping moisturize and repair skin damage. Sunflower Oil which is rich in Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant. Silk Amino Acids provide a protective barrier and silky note to the lotion. Coconut oil contains the natural antioxidant, vitamin E. It does not clog pours and has been shown to protect, hydrate and nourish the skin.