Cherry Pit Heating Pad - Limes on Green

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$ 15.00 

Microwaveable cherry pit packs are ideal for men, women and children! Passed down for generations cherry pit heating packs have become a timeless treasure. The reusable heat pack makes the perfect gift.

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Wrap up in luxury, and prepare to soothe your body with this anti-stress comfort wrap from Cherry Pit Crafts. This natural pain-relieving remedy is filled with a generous amount of premium, cleaned and dried cherry stones that are reclaimed from a cannery located in Michigan. The cherry pits provide moist warmth and retain the heat for 30-45 minutes after being warmed. The soft outer shell is made of 100% cotton and is extremely cozy. Microwave the comfort wrap to provide heat for tense or achy areas or put it in the freezer as a gentle cold pack. Place it on your neck, shoulder muscles or press it against your back. This all natural remedy is unscented aside from the natural scent of cherry pits.

Other neck wraps use rice, flax seed, barley, corn or a combination as fillers. I have found that cherry pits provide the most comfortable and longest lasting warmth. Cherry pits make a superior filler for natural heat pads because they are not subject to rancidity and pantry pests that can infest other fillers such as rice, corn, flax and barley. As an added benefit Cherry Pit heating packs are machine washable on delicate cycle keeping your pack fresh and clean! 😊

*Small cherry pit pack is appx. 5.5" W x 11" L
*Large neck wrap is appx 5.5"W X 21"L

*Cherry Pits for extended warmth
*100% cotton - soft and cozy
*Heat for up to one to two minutes in the microwave for long lasting warmth
*Freeze for several hours to use as a gentle cold pack - great for migraines
*These cherry pit pads make excellent gifts for just about anyone including friends, family, co-workers, teachers.
*These heat packs and wraps are excellent as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, thank you gifts, hostess gifts, teachers gifts and much more!
*Each cherry pit pack and wrap includes instructions and suggestions for use.

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Some uses for the the cherry pit pack:
*Warm and place at the end of the bed to provide toasty warmth for your toes!
*Heat and drape over shoulders for a chilly office or room.
*Relax into the warmth of the cherry pit pack after a cold day.
*Freeze and place on your forehead to relieve migraine pain.
*Warm and place on a sore achy back.
*Warm and use the heated pack to provide sinus relief pressure.

NOTE: These products are not intended as medical advice or to treat any illness. If you have a serious health concern, please consult a physician.

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